Bay District Members Join Forces with Hospice of St. Mary's to Spread Holiday Cheer
By Bay District Volunteers
December 2, 2023

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, members from Bay District Station 9 came together to support Hospice of St. Mary's during the loading of Christmas trees auctioned off earlier in the day at the Festival of Trees event. This annual event, dedicated to benefiting St. Mary’s County Hospice, holds a special place in the hearts of Bay District members, who have been actively involved in its success for several years.

The Festival of Trees, a cherished free community event, features festive trees and wreaths sponsored and adorned by generous supporters. The proceeds from this event play a crucial role in supporting the local St. Mary's County Hospice community.

Hospice of St. Mary's is a non-profit organization committed to providing invaluable support to patients and their families, alleviating the symptoms and side effects of the seriously ill. Their services extend across the community, reaching homes, nursing facilities, and the Hospice House in Callaway, MD. In addition to medical care, bereavement coordinators from Hospice of St. Mary's offer essential grief support to anyone who has suffered loss in the community.

The Festival of Trees is not only a festive spectacle but also a vital fundraising initiative. The funds raised through events like these empower Hospice of St. Mary's to deliver exceptional care and support programs that the community has come to rely on.

Reflecting on their longstanding commitment to the Festival of Trees, Bay District members said, "We assist with this every year as the program is very special to us. It has helped many of our members and their families during a difficult time in their lives. Being part of such a meaningful event is our way of giving back to the community that we serve."

Through collaborative efforts like these, the Hospice of St. Mary's continue to exemplify the true spirit of community, embodying the essence of compassion and support during the holiday season.

For more information about Hospice of St. Mary's and their services, please visit their link below.

Most photos courtesy of Hospice of St. Mary's Facebook Page

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