Auto Accident in Great Mills
By Bay District Volunteers
September 5, 2023

On the evening of Tuesday, September 6, 2023, around 5:50 p.m., an employee of St. Mary's County Emergency Services observed a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Chancellors Run Road and Great Mills Road. In response to this incident, they requested a serious motor vehicle collision response due to one vehicle being overturned with a person trapped inside.

The authorities, including the police, fire department, and rescue personnel, were promptly notified. The Bay District Volunteer Fire Department mobilized several units, including Rescue Engine 92, Engine 91, Engine 31, Squad 3, Chief 3, Chief 3A, Chief 3B, and Chief 9B.

Upon arrival at the scene, emergency crews discovered four vehicles involved in the collision, one of which was overturned with an individual trapped inside. Additionally, a second person was trapped in a separate vehicle.

Firefighters successfully extracted the sole occupant of the overturned Honda SUV and the driver of the Jeep in less than 15 minutes.

Emergency medical personnel assessed at least seven patients at the scene and transported two individuals with minor injuries to a nearby hospital.

*** Photos Courtesy of ScanMD ***

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