28 Acre Woods Fire
By Bay District Volunteers
April 15, 2022

In the midafternoon Company 3 was alerted for a small brush fire.

Brush 3 and Tanker 34 responded. Once on scene Brush 3 reported about one acre was on fire and requested another brush unit and tanker to the scene. Shortly after Brush 3 requested the Tanker Task force to the scene. Chief 3B arrived and established command as Chief 3 arrived and assisted with operations where Tanker 34 & Brush 3 operated. Brush 13 (Truck 13 also) and Tanker 4 worked on Melissa Moore Lane. The issue units were running into was the area had no paths for vehicles larger than UTV's. The wind was pushing the fire quickly through the woods. Chiefs from Hollywood and NDWFD assisted with taking Operations (Chief 7), Melissa Moore division (Chief 7A) as Safety 9 had the Sewell RD division. Command requested several UTV's to the scene and Trooper 7 to get an overhead aerial view to try and determine which way it was spreading. Captain 3 was picked up nearby and flew with Trooper 7 to be our contact with command. Command also requested the ALL CALL be sounded for anyone available report to the scene. Forestry arrived with their dozer and started making paths and cutting a fire line through the woods. Other private dozers and a front-end loader arrived and assisted as well. Once the fire line was cut in and the majority of the hot spots along the line were out, we were able to hand the incident over to Forestry.

BDVFD went back the next day to ensure the fire line was holding strong. No visible fire was found and just a few smoldering hot spots.

Mechanicsville had a House fire assignment go out during this indent and ECC had to work that incident on top of ours. We thank everyone at Communications for dealing with all our request and getting us all the resources, we needed.

There is a possibility we missed someone who assisted, and we apologize but do thank you and everyone who responded to assist in this incident.

We have added the hyperlink for the Maryland Open Burning Law.

***Photos from SMNEWSNET.COM***

Units: Chiefs 3, 3A, & 3B, Safety 9, Brush 3 & 9, Engine 32 & 91, Tanker 34, Rescue Engine 92, Squad 3, Utilities 3 & 9
Mutual Aid: Hollywood, NDWFD, Ridge, Second District, Leonardtown, 7th District, Mechanicsville, Solomons, St. Leonard, Huntingtown, Waldorf, LaPlata, LPVRS, HVRS, RVRS, Forestry
Hyperlinks: Maryland Open Burning Law