How to Prevent Dryer Fires
By Bay District Volunteers
February 28, 2022

The National Fire Protection Association reports that there are approximately 15,000 home fires caused by clothes dryers. Here at the Bay District Volunteer Fire Department, we are seeing an uptick of this type of fire. Now we don’t mind coming to your house with our shiny yellow and white fire trucks, heck, we even allow some of those red ones to tag along. To prevent our visit, all it takes is to clean the dryer filter before or after each load of clothes are dried. Additionally, at least annually clean the interior of the dryer hose that goes to the vent on the outside of your house. Don’t forget to check that the exterior vent is functioning properly. Are all of the vanes open when the dryer is running and do they close when the dryer is off. Perform these simple preventive maintenance tips and you should avoid all the commotion and attention you will receive with those fire trucks visiting your house.

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