Building Fire in Hollywood
By Bay District Volunteers
November 12, 2021

At 9:29 pm Bay District Station 9 and surrounding departments were dispatched to Cooper D’s at 26511 Loveville Road for a building fire. First arriving Chief 7B (Rector) reported fire showing and established command. Command requested additional tankers to assist with water supply as this was a non-hydrant area bringing Tanker 34 (BDVFD Station 3) to the scene. Units from Hollywood and Mechanicsville performed an interior attack, and soon after entering the structure a roof collapse was reported and command called for evacuation tones to be sounded and all crews evacuate the structure.

Engine 93 was assigned side Charlie operations and assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Tanker 34 assisted with water supply while their crew assisted with overhaul operations. Bay District units remained on scene until 11:00 pm and returned to quarters to restore equipment.

Units: E93, Tanker 34, Safety 9
Mutual Aid: A299C, A796, A799, Chief 2, Chief 7, Chief 7B, Chief 1A, Chief 2A,E23, E52, E72, Squad 1002, Squad 7, Truck 1, Truck 7, Tanker 1002, Tanker 14, Tanker 24, Tanker 74, Water Supply 5
Hyperlinks: Audio of the Incident