Update on New Engine 31 Week 15
By Bay District Volunteers
April 16, 2022

This week 31 continued along the assembly line. The hook & attic ladder box was removed for some adjustments. Other the next week more work will be done to complete the fabrication and should go to testing near the end of April and then receive graphics.

Last week a few member went to Pierce to tour the facility. While doing so they came up on En 31 on the assembly line. 31 had its body and tank installed Tuesday along with the front bumper. The pump panel was stating to be put together as well. Pierce has predicted En 31 will be ready for the blue floor in early May. The engine is nearing the finish line and will soon be going to testing to get certified for use.

Have some progress to share this week. We have the cab mounted to the chassis with he pump being connected over the weekend or Monday. The body is slated to be connected on Tuesday some of the committee goes out for a tour. Seats have been installed and most of the electrical appears to be completed inside the cab. Keep an eye on our social media accounts this coming week for live updates.

This week has seen the frame have its power plant, transmission, fuel tank, & all other components installed. The body finished its paint work and is ready to be installed onto the frame. The cab continued its electrical equipment installation and next week we should see it mounted to the chassis.

Last week we didn't had anything to update but this week we got some new photo's. The cab has started getting its electronics installed, the body has been painted, & we have a rolling chassis. She is coming along and we should see cab & body mounting to the chassis soon.

We didn't have anything really to report for week 6 but for week 7 we got a little more work done. Cab is slated for assembly line, the frame work started, & the body received some work fab work.

Week 5 has the cab coming back from getting the interior line-x'd. The body has started to be put together and the chassis frame up should begin next week. Soon we will have a rolling chassis and the makings of our new pumper.

Week 4 has brought us a painted cab exterior. This week the cab will go out to line-x the interior. The body has started fabrication.

Week 3 has arrived and paint prep work has started.

Week 2 has completed cab fabrication. It will be prepared for paint next week.

This week we received the first photos from construction. The base of the cab has been established along with the front face. Next week expect the cab construction the be complete and painting in the near future.

***Photos from Atlantic Emergency Solutions***

As the build date approaches we have signed off on all the last details of the new engine. A few changes were made from the first design to what you see today. Construction is slated to start after the first of the year (2022) and be completed around late February or early March with a estimated delivery around St. Patrick's Day.

As we get pictures be sure to come back and see them here!

Noted changes this time are:

Cummins X12
Husky 3 Foam system
Larger rear intake plumbing
High side compartments on DS

Units: Engine 31
Mutual Aid: Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Pierce Mfg