Rescue Engine 92 and Fire Chiefs run Serious MVA in Leonardtown
By Bay District Volunteers
March 5, 2021

On March 5th, 2020 at 1903, Squad-1 and Rescue Engine-92 along with multiple EMS stations were dispatched for a Serious Motor Vehicle Accident with reported ejection. Rescue Engine-92 responded immediately with 5 personnel along with Fire Chief 3 and Fire Chief 9B.

Chief-9B (N. Harrison) arrived on location and established the command. Chief-9B confirmed CPR in progress on one patient who was ejected from a vehicle which had rolled onto its roof after the collision. Chief 9B also located the second vehicle in the ditch and confirmed entrapment as Rescue Engine-92 was arriving. Rescue Engine-92 quickly stabilized and secured the vehicle with patients entrapped. Rescue Engine-92 then began to extricate the driver.

Fire Chief-3 (J. Gould) arrived and was transferred the command and Chief-9B was assigned the Rescue Group. Units from Leonardtown began to arrive shortly after extrication began and worked together to free the driver by removing the doors and drivers' side to remove the driver. Simultaneously, the passenger door was removed to free the passenger patient. Extrication of both patients was completed within 13 minutes of arrival.

Command requested 3 helicopters for 4 patients. Due to the road being shut down due to the accident, ambulances had to rendezvous with helicopters at different landing zones based on which side of the accident they arrived from. Engine-11 handled the landing zone at St. Andrews Church Road and Fairgrounds Road. Ambulances coming from the California side transported to the St. Mary's County Airport.

MSP Aviation Troopers 7 and 2 and US Park Police Eagle 2 transported a total of 4 patients to area trauma centers (Baltimore Shock Trauma and PG Trauma).

One patient was pronounced deceased on the scene and the road was closed for an extended time frame due to accident scene reconstruction. Rescue Engine-92, Chief-3, and Chief-9B returned to service shortly before 2000.

Pictures courtesy of The Bay Net

Units: Rescue Engine-92, Deputy Fire Chief-9, Fire Chief-3
Mutual Aid: Squad-1, Engine-10, Engine-11, Ambulance-196, Ambulance-197, Ambulance-198, Ambulance-298, Medic-5, Maryland State Police Trooper-7, Maryland State Police Trooper-2, US Park Police Eagle-2
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Lisa Wolfe September 02, 2021 at 3:45 PM
I am the mother of the deceased victim in the car accident. Thank you so much for everything you guys did. I was coming back from Florida when I got the devastating phone call. I know that my daughter would of found comfort knowing that she had the care and support of all the dedicated first responders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lisa Wolfe