Working House Fire in Leonardtown
By Bay District Volunteers
January 10, 2021

Early Wednesday morning at around 630, Tower 9 and Engine 91 were alerted to a house fire on Phillip Drive in Leonardtown. Chief 1 was the first to arrive with a 2 story single family home with fire showing throughout the home. Engine 91 arrived and worked with crews from Hollywood to assist them in fire attack and then assisted in overhaul afterwards. Tower 9 initially was assigned RIT duties with Squad 5 and then also worked overhaul.

Due to the amount of fire and compromised structural integrity, all operations were exterior. Tanker 34 was added to the call for additional water and assisted in the tanker shuttle. During the operations, there was a water main break in the area and water supply was handled by the tankers and Boat 5 pumping out of the river.

Crews remained on scene for approximately two hours hitting hot spots and finishing up overhaul before going in service.

Units: Engine 91, Tower 9, Tanker 34
Mutual Aid: Engine 11, Truck 1, Tanker 14, Ambulance 196, Engine 23, Tanker 2, Engine 73, Tanker 74, Squad 5, Boat 5, Tanker 51, Tanker 63
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