Working Garage Fire in the 9-09 Box
By Bay District Volunteers
January 17, 2021

At 08:21 Bay District Stations 9 & 3, NDW Pax River, Hollywood, Leonardtown and EMS stations 38 & 39 were alerted to the 46100 Block of Rolling Road in the Town Creek Subdivision for a garage on fire.

E91 arrived with an approximately 20 X 20 two story garage, detached, with fire showing. E91 crew advanced a 1.75" attack line for fire attack. The fire was located on the exterior C/D corner and second story of the structure. The crew advanced the attack line to the second floor and made an attack on the fire, E132's crew and E32's crew assisted. Crews worked to extinguish the fire using a total of three 1.75" handlines. Crew from Truck 7 and Tower 9 performed ventilation and overhaul of the fire. Truck 7 crew ladder the roof to removed the roof vent to extinguish hidden fire.

Units operated on scene for approximately 1.5 hours before returning to quarters.

Fire Chief 3 (Gould) held the Rolling Road command.

Hyperlinks: Audio of the Incident