T-Bone Accident with Extrication
By Bay District Volunteers
July 4, 2019

Just as everyone was getting in place to watch the evening fireworks Companies 9, 7, & 3 along with EMS stations 38, 79, & 39 were alerted for the MVA serious in the 9-03 Box.

Chief 3A (D. Burroughs)arrived just after dispatch reporting a T-Bone style accident with entrapment in one vehicle. Chief 7A was running the call along with his Rescue Squad and was passed command by Chief 3A who took over the rescue group. Engine 91 arrived and pulled an attack line to protect the patients and fellow responders due to the vehicle leaking fuel. Rescue 3 arrived and started the extrication process. The crew worked to do a driver-side blowout. Ambulance 799 took out the pediatric patient from the passenger side of the vehicle after the patient was freed from the seat belt. As Squad 7 arrived it's crew went to work assisting on removing the driver-side B post after Squad 3's crew had cleared the door hinges and nader bolt from the doors. Once the doors were removed the patient was able to be better accessed and was determined that the roof needed to come off along with having to remove the back of the drivers seat to safely remove the driver from the vehicle. Both patients were assessed and declared to be flown to a local trauma center and Children's Hospital.

Crews operated for about an hour on scene.

Units: Engine 91, Squad 3, Chief 3A, Safety 9
Mutual Aid: Squad 7, Chief 7A, LPVRS, HVRS, MSP, SMCSO