One Trapped In California
By Bay District Volunteers
May 31, 2019

On Friday while returning from a previous call in Hollywood, Bay District Volunteers were alerted for a serious motor vehicle accident with a single vehicle into a tree.

Engine 92 responded back while Engine 91 responded from quarters. Squad 3 and Solomons Squad 83 responded also from quarters.

Safety Three was on the scene first confirming one patient trapped in the vehicle and immediately requested a helicopter. Chief 3 responded held the Command.

Engine 91 arrived with Squad 3 just behind them. Crews worked to stabilize the vehicle and begin extricating the patient by removing the driver and passenger door. Engine 92 arrived on the scene and set up for the landing zone on Rt. 235 just before First Colony. Squad 83 arrived and assisted in patient removal. The patient was cut out of the vehicle and crews assisted with removal and handing him over to EMS for patient care and transport.

Crews remained on the scene for tool cleanup and awaited the helicopter taking off before going back in service.

The patient was transported by MSP Trooper 7 Helicopter to Prince Georges Hospital Center.

**** All Photos Courtesy of SMNEWSNET*****

Units: Engine 91, Engine 92, Squad 3, Chief 3, Safety 3
Mutual Aid: Squad 83, MSP, SMCSO, Ambulance 388 and 398
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