Rescue Engine 92 Week 7 update
By Bay District Volunteers
April 26, 2019

Week 7: Well folks we have the makings of a fire truck this week. The cab, pump, & body have been mounted onto the chassis. Now the builders will be getting into the the wiring throughout the unit, shelving, plumbing & other items. She is coming along nicely. The committee will be traveling out to inspect her near the end of June.

This week (6) the body was prepared for paint. The wiring inside the cab was started, the frame was painted and wheels were attached. We have a rolling chassis folks. The power plant is ready to be installed as well. Next week the body should be fully painted and ready to be mounted. The cab will be mounted to the chassis.

Week 5 update. This week, your new apparatus cab was staged for cab assembly while your chassis was in frame-up and your body completed assembly. Next week, expect the cab to move to cab assembly, chassis to move to chassis line for drivetrain and body to move to paint process.

Week 4 update. This week, your new apparatus cab was completing the paint process while your body and pump module were being assembled. Next week, expect the cab to move to cab assembly, chassis to be in frame-up and body to move to the paint process. Expect the frame to be painted also next week.

Week 3 update. This week the cab started the paint process as you can see our famous yellow paint starting to take form. The body has began construction as you can see the left and right sides here. Next week the cab should be completely painted and the body should also be nearing a complete piece.

Week 2 update. The cab was prepared for the paint to start this week. The body should be starting construction this week as well.

We were informed that the production has started on our new Rescue Engine. Below you can see some photos of the cabs construction process. After the cab fabrication is completed she will move into the paint booth, The chassis, pump, & body will begin construction next month.

Stay tuned for more updates.

All photos from Pierce MFG & Atlantic Emergency Solutions



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