First Due Trailer Fire for Company 3
By Bay District Volunteers
April 15, 2019

On Friday, April 12th Companies 3, 13, 9, 6, 39 and 38 were alerted for a working trailer fire in 21000 block of Dana Court in the Suburban Subdivision in Lexington Park. Engine 32 and Truck 3 responded immediately, fireboard advised they were taking "multiple calls", Engine 32 arrived on scene with a Double Wide trailer, fire showing from the Bravo, Charlie and Delta sides. Engine 32's lineman stretched a 1.75" crosslay and entered the house on side Alpha. Truck 3 arrived and started search and hooking ceiling. Engine 132 started extinguishing the deck and shed fire on side Bravo. Truck 13 arrived and assisted Truck 3 on interior operations. Engine 92 arrived and was assigned RIT along with Squad 6's crew. Engine 92's crew was later assigned to assist with interior operations. Fire was deemed under control in approximately 30 minutes. Chief 3B (B. Ticson) held the command.

Thank you to Leonardtown VFD and Hollywood VFD for covering our first due while units were operating.

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Units: Engine 32, Truck 3, Engine 92, Utilty 3, Chief 3B, Safety 3 and Safety 9
Mutual Aid: Engine 132, Truck 13, Batallion 13, Engine 61, Squad 6, Ambulance 68, Ambulance 388, Ambulance 398 and Red Cross
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