Another Serious MVA
By Bay District Volunteers
March 12, 2019

On March 3, around 1830 hrs units were alerted for the serious MVA with subjects trapped on Rt 4 in the area of Kingston Creek Road in California. E-34 was on the air drivers training and marked up right away along with Chief 9B (K. Adams). E-34 and Chief 9B arrived on the scene at the same time to find a 2 vehicle T-bone style collision with 2 priority patients trapped. Chief 9B established the command while E-34 started patient care and secured power to the vehicle. E-91 arrived next, pulled the bumper line and went to work stabilizing the vehicle and starting the extrication process. Squads 3 and 7 arrived on scene and joined in the extrication effort with Fire Chief 3 (R. Wahrenbrock) assuming the rescue group supervisor position.

Crews worked together to remove the doors and roof before performing a dash roll. The driver and passenger were extricated and turned over to EMS for transport. Both patients were transported by ground since helicopters were down due to weather. EMS obtained signed refusals from the other vehicle involved. RS-3 remained on the scene for about 40 minutes after the incident to provide lighting for MSP. Unfortunately, one patient succumbed to their injuries sustained in the accident.

Units: Chief 3, Chief 9B, E-91, E-34, RS-3, RS-7 LPVRS 38 & 39, HVRS co 79, Calvert EMS 3

Karen Sharkey March 29, 2019 at 5:43 AM
Thank you for your service