Monday Morning Entrapment
By Bay District Volunteers
February 18, 2019

Just before 5:00 am Bay District and Hollywood companies were alerted for an MVA with entrapment. Within a minute of dispatch the Engine 91, Squads 3 & 7 were all on the road. Chiefs 3 & 3A as well (Wahrenbrock & Burroughs).

Engine 91 and Chief 3A arrived finding a single vehicle into a tree with the driver heavily pinned. Engine 91 started stabilizing the vehicle and securing the vehicles power while deploying a safety line. A helicopter was requested but down to weather. Squad 3 arrived and quickly started extraction. Chief 3A established command as Chief 3 arrived and took the Rescue Group. Squad 7 arrived and assisted extraction by working on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Due to how the vehicle struck the tree the extraction was going to be more complex than normal. After Chief 3 talked with the paramedics on scene and knowing the extended operations that we were faced with the request was made for the Go Team. Also 2 additional engine companies were requested for manpower to supplement the crews working.

The GO Team was unable to respond due to weather. Hazmat 13 arrived and started setting up to use its winch to pull the vehicle away from the tree. Crews were starting to set up several other plans due to the damage of the vehicle. Luckily the crews were able to wedge the driver’s seat up which allowed the patients legs to become free. The patient was able to then be removed and handed over to awaiting EMS crews and taken to St. Mary’s Hospital. The extraction took over an hour.

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Units: Engine 91, Squad 3, Chief 3, Chief 3A
Mutual Aid: Squad 7, Engine 72, Engine 132, Hazmat 13, Medic 138, LPVRS, St. Mary's ALS, St. Mary's Sheriffs Office