Commercial Building Fire Goes 2-Alarms
By Bay District Volunteers
December 20, 2018

On December 20, 2018 at 2338 hours companies 9, 3, 13 and 7 were dispatched for a Commercial Building Fire in the San Souci Shopping Center. Initial dispatch received a single call for smoke coming for the roof. Immediately after dispatch Engine 32 (Lt. Woodburn), Truck 3 (Sgt Werkheiser), Safety 3 (Sullivan) Safety 9 (J. Adams), Engine 132 (Capt. Bean) and Engine 72 responded, fireboard advised they received a second call stating flames were now visible. Safety 9 arrived on scene with a single story, non-combustible strip mall, with flames showing from the roof line. Safety 3 arrived, established command and requested the second alarm. Engine 32, Truck 3 and Engine 132 arrived shortly after and positioned side A. Engine 91 and Tower 9 (AFC Burroughs) arrived and positioned side C. Engines 32 and 132 started knocking the fire while Truck 3's crew split and started hooking/roof operations. Engine 91 crew forced the door on side C and started checking for extension. Tower 9's crew went to the roof to assist with roof ops. Once the fire the extinguished and crews verified there was no extension the fire was placed under control and units went in service.

Thank you to the fill-in crews who came down to staff the companies while operating on the fire ground.

***Photos courtesy of SMNEWSNET***

Units: Engine 9, Tower 9, Engine 3, Truck 3, Utility 3, Safety 9, Safety 3
Mutual Aid: Engine 132, Engine 72, Truck 7, Rescue 7, Squad 6, Truck 1 Engine 41
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